Matthew from a young age had a love for taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and then putting them back together. As a result, he naturally became passionate towards computers, technology and electrical work. He graduated from BCIT as an Electrician and decided to combine his love of programming and technology with his electrical background and create BC Smart Homes. He believes in incorporating the latest technology in every day life and making it accessible to the general public. Matthew is a genuine good, hard working, honest guy who believes in high quality customer service.


Trisha likes to consider herself the Jack of all Trades and an Administrative & Customer Service Superstar. She has extensive office experience in a variety of industries from the Automotive Industry where she got her start in Customer Service, to Heating and Air Conditioning, Property Management, Insurance, Law, Hydro, Retail and the Film & Television Industry. Trisha attended the University of Windsor with a double major in Drama & Communications with Honours, Algonquin College for Theatre Arts - Acting and Durham College for Interior Design. Being an expert customer all her life she strongly believes in making customers the highest priority. If you need any assistance feel free to call or email and she would be pleased to help you out or at the very least put a smile on your face.